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Elina Bolokhova

Digital Lifestyle Editor

Digital editor, content strategist and occasional freelancer who specializes in writing about travel, parenting, beauty, and food. Oh, and everything is better with SEO!

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Butterfly accents article
Ideas That Spark

Fall Home Makeover

Five fashion-forward accessories to cozy up your home this season.

Kids volunteering article
Ideas That Spark

Family-Friendly Volunteer Vacations

Family volunteer work abroad is a great way to teach kids the art of giving back. And there's no better time to get started than when your family is together and away from everyday distractions.

Getty rf photo of woman baking with granddaughter article
Ideas That Spark

Get Your Kids Cooking With You

Parents who raise great eaters know a little secret: Getting a kid involved in the cooking process will make even a picky eater willing to eat what's on their plate.

18938385 m article
Ideas That Spark

Raise Cultured Kids

Bring up your child to be worldly, empathic and sophisticated.

19537890 s article
Ideas That Spark

Best Beaches for Families

If you're looking to take your summer vacay with the kids in tow, here are five beaches you must check out for the ultimate fun in the sun.

Seaglass article
Ideas That Spark

DIY Pretty Summer Gifts

Easy-to-make presents that are inspired by the sea, sand and surf.

Bigstock mummy is getting ready 43617148 article
Ideas That Spark

6 Surprising Beauty Finds From Your Baby’s Nursery

Did you know that baby powder can double as a dry shampoo? Read on for this and other secret beauty finds lurking in the baby-care aisle of your local drugstore.

5172014 m article
Ideas That Spark

Take a Historical Trip

Teach your kids about United States History -- on vacation!

Wendolonia article
Ideas That Spark

Become a Master Bento Box Lunch Packer!

Looking for a small way to add a little creativity into your day? Channel it into lunchtime.

20424272 m article
Ideas That Spark

Keep Pets Cool This Summer

Pet cooling tips to help your furry friend survive the summer heat.

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By Elina Bolokhova. Elina Bolokhova is a freelance writer, editor and digital content strategist. The former Parenting.com editor has been published in Parenting ......