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Digital editor, content strategist and occasional freelancer who specializes in writing about travel, parenting, beauty, and food. Oh, and everything is better with SEO!

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D-I-Y on the W-E-B

Potholders? Tie-dye T-shirts? So 20th century! Kids are doing cooler crafts than ever these

Mothers day crafts 1 article

Mother's Day Crafts

As the old adage goes, a gift should come from the heart—and what's more heartfelt than something handmade? Here are some beautiful Mother’s Day crafts that are simple enough for the kids to make. They're sure to make mom (and auntie, grandma, etc.) melt!

Karen nyberg article

NASA's Astronaut Mom Opens Up Before Six-Month Stint in Space

With Mother's Day right around the corner, there is a lot of talk about "super moms." Meet the real deal: an International Space Station astronaut.

Apollinas.com confetti cake donut article

Delicious Donut Recipes

Can you ever go wrong with sugary dough? We think not! Check out our roundup of yummy donut recipes for some sweet inspiration.

Baby eating messy article

Best Resources for Digital Scrapbooking

These apps, digital photo albums and sites help you preserve those precious memories and milestones—sans glue stick

Kids in classroom article

A Look at Gamification: The Shape of Things to Come

We spoke with Dr. Zoran Popovic at the education conference Education Nation about a new trend in educating our kids.

Best animated movies my neighbor totoro article

Best Animated Movies for Kids

Our favorite award-winning animated flicks of all time, including Pixar, Disney movies and a few surprises.

Paperman article

Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts to Watch With Your Kids

Give your kids a taste of the Oscars by watching some of the charming animated shorts that are nominated for an Academy Award.

Baseball tryout sports team article

5 Tips for Helping Your Kid Ace Tryouts

It's that time of the year: sport team tryouts. And your kiddo just has to see her name on that roster. Here's how to help.

Cookiesandcups.com article

Our Favorite Halloween Recipes from Pinterest

We searched Pinterest for the most "boo"-tiful and clever recipes that will put any trick-or-treater or party-goer under a spell.

Letters a z necklace article

Personalized Jewelry for Moms

These gorgeous necklaces, rings and bracelets celebrate mommyhood with subtle style — not a cheesy "World's Best Mom" charm in sight!

596557 tying the not  article

Tying the "Not"

More parents are choosing to live together ring-free. But is it the best thing for the kids?

Woman sick 0 article

Flu During Pregnancy Increases Baby's Risk of Bipolar Disorder

New research shows that if a woman develops the flu at any time during her pregnancy, her child has an increased risk of developing bipolar disorder later in life.

Faina eclectic dishes article

20 Mother's Day Gifts Under $25

Hey dads (and kids): Honoring mom on Mother's Day is budget-friendly with our awesomely affordable gift guide.

Debra messing writes post it note to students of ps 15 at post it your words stick with them launch event 2 article

Q&A With Debra Messing

We caught up with Debra Messing, star of the hit tv show Smash, at the unveiling of the Post-it Your Words Stick With Them program to talk a little bit about motherhood, show biz, and son Roman’s love of musical theater.