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Digital editor, content strategist and occasional freelancer who specializes in writing about travel, parenting, beauty, and food. Oh, and everything is better with SEO!

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Concealer eyeliner hack article
The Stir

12 Eyeliner Hacks That Will Change Your Makeup Game Forever

Let's be real, ladies. None of us magically wake up knowing how to apply a perfect cat-eye liner. While some women look like they’ve been pulled aside in high school and secretly shown how to work liquid eyeliner, the rest of us have a hard time just drawing a straight line. Eye makeup takes work -- and sometimes, a little help.

Pow53zpvc4 article
The Stir

10 'Glamping' Destinations for Your Travel Bucket List

Mosquitos, poison ivy, no running water, that one rock that always sneaks under your sleeping bag ... what if we told you that camping didn't have to be this way? Camping can, in fact, be quite glamorous -- glamping, if you will!

Coffee collage article
The Stir

11 Popular Iced Coffee Drinks & What They'll Cost You in Calories

There's nothing like an icy coffee drink as the weather becomes unbearably sweltering. But have you taken a moment to consider just how many calories you're gulping down with those Starbucks Frappuccinos?

Cheap makeup article
The Stir

11 Cheap But Awesome Drugstore Beauty Products (PHOTOS ...

We’re all for treating yourself -- but splurging when we don’t have to? Not so much. That’s why we’ve rounded up some seriously awesome bargain beauty buys that work just as well as their pricier alternatives.

Makeup magnet board 2 article
The Stir

11 Makeup Storage Solutions Beauty Bloggers Love

Are your eye-shadow palettes cluttering your counter? Do your lipsticks roll away, never to be seen again? Admit it: Do you just stuff your brushes into a drawer when you're done with them? Well, that's all about to change because we've rounded up the most brilliant ways to organize your makeup.

Sweat proof makeup article
The Stir

13 Sweat-Proof Makeup Products That Stand Up to the Summer Sun

Listen, we love summer. No, really -- we wouldn't trade the long, bright days, laid-back vacation vibes, and sundress-wearing weather for anything. What we don't love? The makeup-melting heat. That we wouldn't miss so much. But what's a girl going to do ... stay inside? Nope, not on our lives!

Fruit trend article
The Stir

Trend Alert: Fab Fruit Fashion That Will Punch Up Your Summer Wardrobe

We have a truly juicy fashion tip for you: Fruit prints are in, and they're BIG. Last year, we saw pineapples pop up on just about everything. And now, we're seeing bananas, watermelons, and pears -- oh my.

Couple tattoos article
The Stir

31 Matching Couple Tattoos to Get With Your Favorite Person

We've all heard warnings about the "Curse of the Name Tattoo" -- don't get your significant other's name in ink unless you're itching to break up. Luckily, there are many other creative ways to express your love and connection through body art. These matching tats are strong apart, but better together -- just like you and your beau!

Po5wre5q80236wi article
The Stir

Decoding BB Creams: What They Are & Why You'll Want to Use Them

Korean beauty products are having a big moment -- and one in particular is as ubiqutious as ever: BB creams. You've probably noticed this product multiplying on makeup counters and in the beauty aisle of your drugstore. Yep, BB creams seem to be here to stay. Still not sure what the hype is about? Well, we've prepared a little primer.

Po5jiwhfgg article
The Stir

10 Multitasking BB Creams You Need to Try

Growing more and more popular by the day, BB creams, the wonderful multitasking foundations, are finding their way into department stores and drugstore beauty aisles by the dozens. Maybe you're looking for a good one to try or a new one to add to your cosmetic bag. Well, look no further!

Popk8oab5w article
The Stir

10 Vibrant Beauty Products You'll Want to Try This Spring

Something about more sunshine and longer days makes us want to totally overhaul all our daily wears. We're stuffing our sweaters and coats into the closet and swapping out blacks, grays, and blues for merrier shades. And that also goes for our makeup palettes. While we're at it, let's push the restart button on those, too!

Poefs87sgs article
The Stir

10 Beautiful Easter Decor Ideas Using Leftover Eggshells

An Easter egg has a relatively short lifespan: You dye it, you display it (briefly), and then you eat it (obviously!). But what if we told you there is a whole world of things to be done with the leftover eggshells?

Pogozqgyog article
The Stir

10 Boozy (and Not-So-Boozy) Beverages for St. Patrick's Day

Not to rehash old stereotypes, but St. Patrick's Day is best celebrated with a drink in your hand! So in the spirit of the holiday, we've rounded up all sorts of beverages for you to toast with.

Po8getxc00 article
The Stir

11 Gorgeous Green Snacks for St. Patrick's Day

Ward off the winter blues by indulging in a little green -- food, that is. After several long months of cold and snow, we're craving all of these emerald-hued Saint Patrick's Day dishes.

Satori teacup jewelry organization article
The Stir

16 Genius & Gorgeous DIY Jewelry Organizers

Say the word "organized" and thoughts of sterile cupboards and boxes within boxes within boxes might pop into mind. But keeping things tidy doesn't mean you can't keep them pretty -- especially when it comes to organizing the epitome of prettiness: jewelry!