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Digital editor, content strategist and occasional freelancer who specializes in writing about travel, parenting, beauty, and food. Oh, and everything is better with SEO!

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New Law Defines Pregnancy as Two Weeks Before Conception

Are you pregnant? If you answered no, a new Arizona law might still consider you to be with child even if you're-biologically-not.

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Man Says Seeing Childbirth Turned Him Off Sex

Ah, the miracle of birth! Once upon a time, dads were kept away from it-corralled in the hospital's waiting room, smoking cigars while pacing nervously. Now, of course, hospitals encourage fathers to be there for the birth of their child. But one dad claims that this time, progress isn't a good thing. In fact, seeing his wife give birth put him off of sex for an entire year!

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Man Sues Wife for Giving Birth to Ugly Baby

We believe that all babies are beautiful-but one father from northern China definitely disagrees.

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NASA's Astronaut Mom Opens Up Before Six-Month Stint in Space

Karen Nyberg can fly through the air as if there weren't any gravity. That's because where she works, there isn't any.

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Working After Eight Months Pregnant is as Harmful as Smoking

A new study from the University of Essex has found that working after eight months of pregnancy is as harmful to babies as smoking.

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The Olympic Swimmer Who Almost Drowned

Parenting.com spoke with Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones about his journey from nearly drowning to winning the Olympic gold.

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France Plans to Ban the Words "Mother" and "Father"

France is planning to replace the words "mother" and father" in all official documents with the gender-neutral "parents" in order to normalize the idea of same-sex families.

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Facebook Helped Boy Score a New Pet

Be careful with your promises, parents! One young boy earned himself a pet cat after winning a bet he made with his father.